Armed with High Competitiveness, Uniga Malang Releases 638 Male and Female Graduates

- Indonesia

MALANG POSCO MEDIA- With great pride, Gajayana University Malang (Uniga) presents a total of 638 graduates, consisting of 478 Bachelor's degree graduates and 160 Master's degree graduates. The success in producing these graduates reflects Uniga Malang's commitment and responsibility to contribute to the country in producing high-quality and highly competitive graduates.

This was emphasized by the Rector of Uniga Malang, Prof. Dr. Dyah Sawitri, SE., MM, during the Graduation Ceremony for Bachelor's and Master's Degree of Uniga Malang in 2022.

"This is a manifestation of our commitment and responsibility to the society, especially to the students, and it is also a concrete proof of Uniga Malang's leading and character-building efforts. We hope that the graduates we present can compete in the Era of Society 5.0, create new value through advanced technology development to reduce economic disparities, and realize a superior human resources for the advancement of Indonesia," said Dyah, as she is commonly known.

She explained that graduation marks the beginning for graduates to enter a new phase in implementing the skills, knowledge, science, and technology they have acquired during their college years into their professional, work, and business domains.

Upon observation, continued Dyah, we are currently in the Era of Society 5.0 and the millennial era. Empirical reality presents rapid and unpredictable changes in economics, social dynamics, technology, and culture. This is an inevitable fact that cannot be denied but needs to be responded to adequately at both individual and institutional levels.

In response to that, Gajayana University consistently strives to optimize its performance through improving the quality of academic processes and strengthening its institutional capacity.

"The tangible manifestation of these efforts includes continuous improvement in the teaching and learning processes, strengthening quality assurance systems, increasing the number of research activities and community engagement, as well as establishing international collaborations with universities in Australia, Thailand, South Korea, and Cambodia," she emphasized.

The follow-up actions from these collaborations include joint publications, student exchange programs, and enhancing language competencies for faculty members and students.

All of these are done as a responsibility to become a Higher Education institution that can produce graduates with good competencies and competitiveness in the Era of Society 5.0.

"And in our 42nd year, we have added a new doctoral program in Management (S3). So now we have a complete range of programs, from bachelor's to master's and doctoral degrees. Our hope is that the graduates can apply their knowledge. Once again, congratulations," concluded Dyah.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Main Hall of Uniga Malang. In addition to conferring degrees to the graduates, appreciation was also given to the 11 best graduates from each program. (ica/jon)


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