Rektor Universitas Gajayana Malang

- Indonesia

Name :
Prof. Dr. Ernani Hadiyati, S.E., M.S.

Structural Position : Rector
Functional Position : Professor
email :

Let us formulate further the dream of making UNIGA Malang through several big visions. The first is the culture of higher education quality. Second is growth and innovation in institutional learning, resources and technology sectors, and the third is economic independence.

Our steps to realizing this big vision are first: Realizing the vision of a quality culture in higher education. It means bringing into reality a GOOD GOVERNANCE UNIVERSITY by building a strong quality culture. Strategic steps in carried out continuously strengthening of SPMI and SPME to strengthen stakeholders' trust. Improving the quality of human resources both functionally and structurally, educators and educational staff through further studies, training and measurable performance assessments and strengthening University Management, Faculties, Study Programs and all work units within UNIGA.

Second, the embodiment of the vision of learning growth and innovation, institutions, resources and technology is an effort to respond to the policy of an independent campus and independent learning from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The third is the embodiment of the vision of economic independence through the development and acquisition of new financing sources, creating activities capable of being an energizer for accelerating economic independence.

Leadership in a higher education institution becomes very important and strategic, especially with increasing global competition. For this reason, all components of the academic community and education staff must be able to act quickly, precisely, effectively, efficiently, friendly and care about common progress. The key is cooperation, good communication, openness, learn continuesly to understand new science and technology, and always being willing to help one another. A campus culture that respects one another, is orderly, safe, comfortable, clean, and polite is a prerequisite for an academic society that is conducive to the development of innovation and creativity in the academic community. It is this kind of culture that we will cultivate so that we can be called a knowledge base society.

That is the greeting that we can give, thank you for your togetherness, ask for your support and togetherness in realizing UNIGA MALANG LEAD AND CHARACTER. Thank You


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