Munas V ABP-PTSI di Surabaya, Prof Dyah Sawitri Tegaskan Tak Ada Dikotomi PTN-PTS


- Indonesia

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA - The Head of LLDIKTI 7 East Java Region, Prof. Dr. Dyah Sawitri, SE, MM, emphasized that there is no dichotomy between state universities (PTN) and private universities (PTS).

This was conveyed at the National Deliberation Forum (Munas) V of the Association of Indonesian Private Higher Education Institutions (ABP-PTSI) held at JW Marriott Hotel, Surabaya, on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

The event, attended by approximately 560 participants of ABP-PTSI, took place for two days until Friday, July 22, 2022. The chosen theme was to refresh and ignite an adaptive and agile platform in facing national education challenges and digital combat.

"The meeting of Munas V ABP-PTSI is a moment to provide added value to all private higher education institutions, so there is no longer a need for a dichotomy between PTN and PTS," stated Prof. Dyah.

The woman, who is also the Rector of Gajayana University Malang (UNIGA Malang), explained that it is in accordance with the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education.

"PTN and PTS are considered the same because they have the same functions and roles. Moreover, in their implementation, they have the same duty and function, which is to work together in producing excellent human resources," she explained.

Prof. Dyah also mentioned that the process in higher education will produce graduates who are competent intellectually, mentally, and morally.


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