Malang City Police Chief: Students Can Realize Public Order and Safety (Kamtibmas)

- Indonesia

Students can be agents of change by prioritizing intellectuality. Moreover, they can contribute together in realizing public order and safety (kamtibmas) in the city of Malang. 
This was conveyed by the Chief of Malang City Police Resort, Commissioner Budi Hermanto, while being a speaker at the Orientation Program for New Students (PKKMB) at Gajayana University, Malang, on Monday (September 26, 2022).
"Do not let yourself be influenced by drugs. Take care of your body and soul. Be disciplined in traffic. Additionally, it is necessary to foster tolerance among students from various regions, as Indonesia is rich in cultural diversity," he explained.
He added that another thing that can be done is to protect one's belongings and ensure security, so as not to provoke criminal acts.
According to this three-star officer, the Malang City Police Resort has its limits of tolerance. Therefore, if there are traffic violations committed by students, it should be communicated in a good and wise manner.
"Do not stubbornly insist on covering up mistakes. For example, not wearing a helmet is clearly visible. As for the vehicle registration document (STNK), it is proof that the vehicle is not involved in any issues and cannot be replaced," added Commissioner BuHer.
During the event, this former Police Chief of Batu also delivered a presentation on national insight, which consists of four pillars of national ideology that students should adhere to.
"We also convey national insight, starting from Pancasila (the Five Principles), the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).
Based on belief in one Supreme God," he concluded. Meanwhile, Deputy Rector II of Uniga, Dr. Djuni Farhan, explained that the current participants of the Student Orientation Program (PKKMB), or also known as Stupa, numbered around 150 freshmen. It is estimated that the total number will reach approximately 500 freshmen.
When asked about the guidance of students in maintaining public order and safety, Djuni stated that the campus has its own methods for that.
"We have our own guidance. The Student Affairs Department works together with the Student Executive Board (BEM).
This applies to both scholarship students and regular students. There are principles and regulations implemented at the university to ensure self-discipline both within and outside the campus," he explained. (edr).


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