Transformative Leaders Support the Improvement of Middle School Education Quality

- Indonesia

The research team from Gajayana University (Uniga) presented to the heads of SMP and MTs throughout Batu City the results of research on Teacher Performance Based on Transformational Leadership Mediated by Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment.

This research took a sample of junior high school teachers in Malang Raya. This Research Funding is a Scientific Research grant from the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP).

The research team consisted of three people, namely Dr. Drs Sugeng Mulyono MM, Prof. Dr. Ernani Hadiati SE. MS and Risa Juliadila SPsi, MPsi and several students. The purpose of this research is to describe transformational leadership, organizational culture, organizational commitment and teacher performance.

In addition, this research also aims to examine and analyze the influence of transformational leadership, organizational culture, organizational commitment, both directly or indirectly on teacher performance.

"We are disseminating the results of this research to stakeholders in collaboration with the Batu City Education Office so that there are benefits for SMP and MTs managers. Those attending were SMP and MTs principals," explained Sugeng Mulyono.

Speech by the Head of the Batu City Education Office, represented by the Head of Junior High School Development, Mr. Drs Hariadi emphasized that this dissemination could be taken advantage of by school principals in an effort to encourage the optimization of teacher performance so that the quality of junior secondary education in Batu City would increase.

Meanwhile, the head of the research team, Sugeng Mulyono, explained that transformational leadership is an alternative leadership style that can be used as a way to optimize teacher performance, strengthen organizational culture and organizational commitment. Because leaders become role models and stimulate the intellectuals of those who are led, so according to researchers, this can be used as a pattern for leading teachers in order to improve their performance.

"Indeed, there are various leadership styles, but we choose transformational because it is based on the assumption that this model is suitable for teachers," he explained.

A school principal must have a strong and clear vision and mission. So, up to the lower level will really understand. In addition, a school principal must also act as a good example. 

This research involved 128 respondents from junior high school teachers in Malang Raya, whose sampling pattern used multistage random sampling. 

"The data is random, so you don't know which schools, both public and private," he said.

The results of the study recommend that to improve or optimize teacher performance, strengthen organizational culture and commitment, it is necessary to have consistency in the implementation of school principals' transformational leadership. In addition, maintaining cohesiveness and teamwork as the dominant values of organizational culture needs to be strengthened in schools so that teacher performance increases.

"The hope is that research results are not just read, but implemented. in scientific journals it usually only stops as knowledge. But if it is directly informed to users it can be used as a reference for improving governance. So we are trying to get into the perpetrators," he concluded.


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