University of Gajayana Malang, 638 Graduates Ready to Welcome Society 5.0

- Indonesia

MALANG POSCO MEDIA - MALANG - Equipped with strong competitiveness, today Universitas Gajayana (Uniga) Malang conferred degrees upon 638 students who have completed their studies in the Graduation Ceremony for Bachelor's (S1) and Master's (S2) Programs for the Academic Year 2021/2022.

They consist of 478 male and female graduates from the Bachelor's program (S1) and 160 male and female graduates from the Master's program (S2). The success in graduating these students reflects Uniga Malang's commitment and responsibility to society. Uniga Malang's Rector, Prof. Dr. Dyah Sawitri SE MM, explained that Uniga Malang prepares all graduates to have quality with strong competencies and competitiveness for the era of Society 5.0 and the millennial era. The current reality is that economic, social, technological, and cultural changes are happening rapidly and dynamically, making them difficult to predict.

"Uniga Malang consistently strives to optimize its performance through improving the quality of the academic process and strengthening the institution. The tangible manifestations of these efforts include continuous improvement in the teaching process, strengthening quality assurance systems, increasing the number of research and community service activities," said Prof. Dr. Dyah Sawitri SE MM to Malang Posco Media yesterday.

She explained that Uniga Malang has established international collaborations with universities in Australia, Thailand, South Korea, and Cambodia. The results of these collaborations include joint publications, student exchange programs, and enhancing language skills for both lecturers and students.

Increasing collaboration with external parties for educational and institutional development is aimed at preparing graduates to face competition in the era of Society 5.0 and to actively communicate in English.

"Alhamdulillah, in January, Uniga Malang was entrusted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Research and Technology to organize the Doctor of Management Science Program (PDIM) with B accreditation," Dyah expressed.

All of these efforts, as acknowledged by Dyah, are carried out by the entire academic community of Uniga Malang as a manifestation of their responsibility to become a university that produces graduates with strong competence and the ability to compete in the era of Society 5.0.

"We realize that it is not an easy task to produce graduates who can survive and excel in an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, Uniga Malang continues to strive for improvement and change," he stated.

In this graduation ceremony, the best graduates from each faculty were also announced. In the Postgraduate Program, Irfan Wahid achieved a GPA of 3.82 in the Master of Management Program. And in the Postgraduate Program, Rahmad Efendi achieved a GPA of 3.89 in the Master of Accounting Program.

Meanwhile, Jesslyn Jocelin Rhea Selima, from the Faculty of Economics and Business, majoring in Accounting, achieved a GPA of 3.87. Sinta Ari Purnawati, from the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, majoring in Information Systems, achieved a GPA of 3.64 dan lainnya. (ica/aim)


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